Qubicle Voxel Editor enables you to easily design
charming 3D models with a unique blocky style

Draw in 3D or on a 2D canvas with familiar tools
like pencil and eraser

Select individual voxels to move and rotate them
Or apply one of 50+ other modifiers

Activate tool-mirroring to conveniently
design symmetrical models

Subdivide big models for easy management
and fast modification

Create random landscapes like sand dunes
or rocky mountains

Convert 3D meshes to voxels with the
built-in Voxelizer

Share your models online by uploading them
to your Sketchfab account

Order 3D-prints online to create your
own merchandise

Export low-poly meshes and develop
your own game

Why you should try out Qubicle 3.0


Modeling with voxels is much easier than conventional 3D. Learn all the basics and get started within an hour.


Qubicle gives you all the tools you need to conveniently and quickly create models in 3D. Speed up your art pipeline with voxels!


Express your imagination with the charming retro style of voxels! It's fast and easy, but most of all it's a lot of fun!

Feature Details

The basic application offers an entry point for voxel modelling and is addressed to hobbyists and modders. Custom outfits and weapons for moddable voxel games can be designed, creations can be shared and 3D-models can be ordered online. The software can easily be upgraded to a game design tool with available DLC.

  • Draw, erase, select and move voxels in 3D or on a 2D canvas with familiar tools
  • Build big models from smaller parts that can easily be transformed and modified
  • Create voxel standard primitives like spheres, pyramides and tori
  • Flip, rotate, mirror and translate objects or selections of voxels
  • Import and export all supported voxel formats
  • Mod supported voxel games (special modding helpers available for Minecraft and Staxel, more to come)
  • Direct upload to Sketchfab (a platform for sharing and displaying 3D models online)
  • Direct upload to i.materialise (an online service for 3D printing)
  • Basic mesh export (unoptimized)

Utility Module DLC included in Qubicle Indie/Pro

The Utility Module DLC makes the work with voxels even more convenient. It offers seven addtional tools, over 25 transformers and modifiers, auto tool mirroring, object hierarchies and the landscape generator.

  • Landscape generator
  • Auto tool mirroring
  • Object hierarchies with Compounds
  • More transfomers: Align/Distribute, Arbitrary Rotate and Scale
  • Color modifier: Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast, Color Overlay etc.
  • Even more modifier: Linear Snapshot and Projection, Boolean Intersection and Difference
  • Swatch management utilities: import and export color maps

Mesh Module DLC included in Qubicle Indie/Pro

The Mesh Module DLC unlocks all mesh exporters coming with the Qubicle Voxel Editor. It enables the export of optimized low-poly meshes that can be used with all common game development engines and third party 3D editors. Qubicle's optimization algorithm reduces the polycount by up to 90% depending on the underlying model. This saves valuable rendering resources, and allows to use the generated assets even for mobile game development.

  • Generated meshes are usable with all common game engines
  • Export as FBX, OBJ, STL or Collada
  • STL supports color encoding (materialise)
  • Store meshes in a single file or generate separate files for each object
  • Export vertex colors or textures as material
  • Optionally generate texture atlases
  • Set pivots directly in Qubicle
  • Save even more geometry by optionally ignoring faces of a unneeded viewing directions

Voxelizer Module DLC included in Qubicle Indie/Pro

With the new built-in voxelization tools regular meshes can be converted to voxels with unmatched convenience. A mesh can be directly imported and voxelized into a voxel scene. It can be rotated and scaled until the result matches your expectations. Mesh to voxel conversion has never been easier. The Voxelizer reads the very common file format OBJ which can be exported by almost all 3D editors and supports color materials as well as textures.

  • Import OBJ with MTL and full texture support
  • Rotate and scale loaded meshes any time. Voxelization results will update automatically
  • Meshes are loaded into special Voxelizer nodes that can be copied/pasted/duplicated like all other nodes
  • Voxelized meshes can be converted to regular matrices for manual editing

What's new in Qubicle 3.0